Imagine you had to pay for this article I’m writing. Would you ?
Most likely you won’t. Long before the internet came and articles like the one you are reading could only be viewed on Print. You had two options: Buy the printed copy or get it from someone who had. Either way, the content is paid for.
What if I tell you that most if not every content you view over the Internet is paid for. So the question is who pays for it and for what motive.
According to the BBC, Advertising revenue underpins 90% of everything you see online. Invariably, we are saying advertisers pay for the content, articles and even services you enjoy online. Now when I say Services, top in that category include Email and Social Media accounts.
Why would Facebook, Twitter or Instagram afford you the usage of their platforms all for free. Please ditch that notion that your data subscription pays for that. Your payment for data ends with your Internet Service Provider. That is if you are not using a cheat to avoid payment.
Do You Like Ads
Nobody like ads, especially when it impedes on our viewing experience. But worse off is the drain on your data and battery life. Ads are a major culprit when accounting for unnecessary drain on mobile data and battery. On PC browsers, pop up ads and underlying links could be very disturbing not to mention webpages with adverts taking over the whole page.
Should Content Providers Remove the Ads
That would be a hard nut to crack. News publishers for instance offer print and online viewing of their contents. The Print you have to buy but Online is free. Basically, you get to enjoy the online version of news free not because the News Publisher is nice but for the fact that someone – the ad provider is paying the bills to keep that platform afloat.
The Gang up against Adverts
There has been n increase in the number of Ad blockers available for almost every browser and mobile platforms. Recently, Apple decided to integrate an Ad blocker into its Safari browser and store practically giving users the right to limit the type and quantity of Ads they see.
My Verdict
I have a strong feeling Ads have come to stay. What might likely happen is more control and demand for higher standards as platform owners seek more ways of ensuring a better experience for their users. In another sense we might see an increased monopolisation of the Ad market. Ultimately contents providers would jostle for better access to advert. Whichever way it turns out. Methinks you will still get to have your favourite contents being paid for so you can enjoy them free.

Do you feel ads should not be allowed at all or better still, people should pay for content. Or you feel otherwise. I’d like to know your thoughts