Now that Baba Ijebu is online.

If you have never played Baba Ijebu, then you were bornĀ  and brought up under strict religious conditions. If you never heard the word Baba Ijebu, then you must have been living secludedly in the high brow areas of Lagos; never hustle. In other words you are not a Lagosian.

Every typical Lagosian knows Baba Ijebu. And believe me; this is not a publicity stunt for the lotto game that generates a means of living for thousands of people who serve as agents, winnings for hundreds of thousands who play the game, and ultimately rake in millions if not more on a daily basis to the owner of the Baba Ijebu empire ‘Kessignton Adebutu’

I mentioned earlier that I do not intend to create awareness for the service, however I need to present some key highlights just for readers not familiar with it.
Baba Ijebu is a popular Yoruba nickname of Premier Lotto, a service runner by popular society businessman Kessignton Adebutu since the 1970s.
Majority of its clients are local and indigenous people of the south western part of Nigeria called Yoruba.

The lotto service has a huge followership and largely popular among low income earners among. There is an average of one Baba Ijebu kiosk per street in many state low class suburbs of Lagos state where the headquarter is situated.

The kiosks are managed by agents who collate the bets and display the winning numbers for interested players. Important to say that majority of these agents also belong to the lower ends of the societal class who earn their daily living from this job.

You can imagine the employment capacity of this lotto organisation. Now MTN, a telecommunications company decided to host Baba Ijebu on its platform giving participants the ease of playing and betting directly on their phones. And this are the quick benefits:

Ease and comfort of play. You no longer need to go down to the Kiosk and place your bet.

Privacy; you see, not everyone like been seen playing Baba Ijebu for obvious reasons which I’d rather not mention.

But I have a concern; and if you are a purist or strict religious person there are other concerns for you.

Mine; I have just one concern.
More agents will lose their clients and invariably a sizable portion of their living income. I don’t want that not when the lost income goes to a big company that already feeds fat on my income. Why take from the poor in form of lotto betting, remove the business from the agent simply making a living and give to the rich called MTN.

Your Concern
I really don’t care if major religions claim Baba Ijebu is a sin. All I want to say is if it is. Then the tempo of temptation just increased.

A lesser evil to your concern number 1 is the moral burden of addiction. Its common knowledge that betting is addictive. Baba Ijebu in particular. Imagine the bar MTN just lowered to raise the stakes of increased addictions. Whenever the urge comes, simply reach out to your phone and play.

Moral burden on youngsters. Its easier to dissuade your teens from anything Baba Ijebu. More especially if you live in highbrow areas. Any other locations you can track their movements and ensure they never step into a Baba Ijebu kiosk. But now, they don’t have to be disturbed from going there. Baba Ijebu has come to them. Its right there at their fingertips.

You could add more to the list of concerns. I have told you mine. And please don’t bother asking me how to play Baba Ijebu on MTN. You know the reasons are obvious.