The blackberry messenger which had hitherto being the exclusive use of blackberry owners will now be made available on the Google Android and Apple I-phone stores for free. Chatting with BBM users; insn’t that great news!. I have never used a blackberry but have so many friends using the device. It will be a whole new experience when I can employ the simple and intuitive blackberry messenger


An announcement in this regard was made earlier in May by RIM’s executive. And personally I thought that would be a joke. But its coming to pass right in my very eyes. Once upon a time; BB as it is popularly known in Nigeria had dominated the smart-phone market. Even the advent of Samsung android powered phone and of latest; the new fancy by Nigerian for I-phone product has not reduced the Blackberry fellowship in the country.

I’ll rather say well done RIM for the initiative, and congratulations to we Android users.

Honestly I see the move as a bad sales initiative; why! the reason why people use the blackberry is simply for its messenger. In Nigeria here; the BB phones are costlier than the Samsung Android devices or of recent Techno, so If I can buy an Android phone for half of the amount it cost me to get a BlackBerry and still chat with BB users, why do I need a blackberry again. Or I’m I missing something. Someone can help me out please.