The blackberry messenger which had hitherto being the exclusive use of blackberry owners will now be made available on the Google Android and Apple I-phone stores for free. Chatting with BBM users; insn’t that great news!. I have never used a blackberry but have so many friends using the device. It will be a whole new experience when I can employ the simple and intuitive blackberry messenger


An announcement in this regard was made earlier in May by RIM’s executive. And personally I thought that would be a joke. But its coming to pass right in my very eyes. Once upon a time; BB as it is popularly known in Nigeria had dominated the smart-phone market. Even the advent of Samsung android powered phone and of latest; the new fancy by Nigerian for I-phone product has not reduced the Blackberry fellowship in the country.

I’ll rather say well done RIM for the initiative, and congratulations to we Android users.

Honestly I see the move as a bad sales initiative; why! the reason why people use the blackberry is simply for its messenger. In Nigeria here; the BB phones are costlier than the Samsung Android devices or of recent Techno, so If I can buy an Android phone for half of the amount it cost me to get a BlackBerry and still chat with BB users, why do I need a blackberry again. Or I’m I missing something. Someone can help me out please.

Most of the times, Zion peers at the computer screen, tweaking codes, analysing and calculating figures, manipulating the screen and digging deep into the World Wide Web. A combination of many different things in one thing. You don’t have to bother understanding that.