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I wish to share this piece, a practical experience on how you can create your own enterprise and register your own business Name with The Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria.

I had always had these feeling to start my own business. even though am yet to start anything tangible. It feels good when you at least scratch the surface.
Now I like to start clean and professional, I aim high as far as circumstances will allow me.
So it started with a journey to the Corporate Affairs Commission at Alagomeji, Yaba.

The procedure is as follows:

You purchase an availability search form for N250.
Enter in your chosen business names, you are allowed to input two options.
Fill and complete other required details, then submit the form. Make sure your contact phone number is written on the form and can receive text, as this will be used to contact you.
Within two weeks, you should receive a text from CAC notifying you of the status of your search.
Your next point of call is to visit the CAC office with a copy of your receipt/teller, which ever you were given when you purchased the form.
A print-out will be given to you informing you of the availability of the name, and also notify you that the name has been reserved for the next 60 days.
At this point, you may proceed if you so wish to proceed, you purchase the form for application for business registration – N500. Fill and complete the required details. You will be mandated to get a sworn affidavit along with the form.
The form and other details will be verified by a C.A.C. official and given to another officer who will duplicate the form in printer copy this time around. Yu will be shown the printed copy to confirm its okay and correct.
After your confirmation, another round of approval will be gotten. The form for application for business registration is handed over to you.
Now the next process is for you to pay for the certificate, this cost N5000. You keep the teller and submit the form to the bank officer.
Now its uhuru, check back after two weeks to collect your certificate. Its very likely you receive an alert earlier than this timeline informing you your certificate is ready.

You may visit the CAC website by clicking here. www.cac.gov.ng

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