Basically we all face this dilemma. What type of phone to buy, what features to look out for and so on.

See! there are two broad categories of phone users
1. Those who buy for the love of the gadget.
2. Those who buuy for necessity

You will quite agree with me that a cross section of users do intersect both categories. Shall we call them category 3
I wont tell you about make or brand, you will decide after reading this.

Assuming you fall into category 3, you saw the phone in a shop, or as an ad on TV or online; and now eager to go for it. Rather still you simply need a new phone but something worth carrying about.

Here are my guidelines; clear and simple

If you have difficulty navigating small lines of text, please go for a phone with a large text display. Elderly citizens will likely take this advice strongly.

If your fingers are robust, big and full of flesh then you might want to confirm the keypad can accommodate your finger. Why on earth will you marry yourself to luxury at the expense of your fingers.

If you spend more time surfing the web, reading ebooks and opening documents. I suggest a screen only phone with wider display – By the way check Bookateria, they have some nice e-books for your reading pleasure.

If you are an App freak, you want all the apps in the world. Do check the internal memory of that phone. Don’t ever be fooled by the external memory option.

If you cant afford to buy a costly phone but want something that is still okay – Tecno is coming up, you can give it a try.

If you want to be sure of what you want to buy and be rest assured – Samsung should be your choice.

If you love I-class, and just want to show of only – Then go for an I-phone. BUT

If you want to consider the BUT I mentioned up there, I’d rather say for Nigerian phone users, Android powered phones are generally acceptable, flexible and common. Apple phones are safer but clearly restricted. Think carefully before you pay for luxury.

If you are a selfie freak, make sure your phone has a front camera.

If you love been odd and differentially different. Then the Nokia phones powered by Windows will appeal to you.

What if you are old fashioned or better the phone is meant for your grandparents. Please don’t buy a smart phone, you will only be paying for un-needed distraction.

If you simply want to receive phone calls and send text messges. Then I apologise for causing you to read this long sermon. Just go for a Nokia portable radio phone. Why spend so ouch for nothing.

I’m sure this article is either not detailed or some vital information were missing – do me a favour by adding to it in the comments section below.