Well, this sound so simple but many a times I still get to see a lot of people making the same mistakes.  Forgive me for my choice of word: Mistake

Facebook is undoubtedly the biggest social media network in our world today. I’ll spare you the statistics since that is not the drive of this article. You see Facebook gives you a platform to connect with followers, friends and clients. What that means is that, anybody can link up with you on Facebook and easily refer you to their friends too. Now how do you go about doing that; bad business if you want to do it by making friends with everyone, won’t work I assure you. And groups! Well if you intend bringing in non-close acquaintances, won’t work. Our best bet is a Page, yes a Facebook page.

A Facebook page is something like a public space on Facebook for any registered user to show their interest and support for you by liking your address. With a page, you have a unique URL to which you refer and get likes. The more the number of likes, the more your popularity.

And what’s the benefit, communication and dissemination of news and updates becomes easier, everyone who liked your page gets your updates on their timeline and can share same within their circles.

Heed my warning;

You see, I did not write this post to teach you on how to open a Facebook page, I meant to guide you when doing so. Since you created a page for people to reach you, you have to also make it simpler for them to access and find you. Which means your URL has to be catch, easy to remember and quickly present your brand name. If we are on the same page, then you would not want the type of Facebook page I see e.g. www.facebook.com/10000001223 or www.facebook.com/121/ur-url

Now what about: www.facebook.com/MyPage, isn’t that cool: It means you could easily tell the world to connect with you on Facebook by simply mentioning your URL e.g. @MyPage.

My little secret

When creating the page, the first step is selecting the category option, well in order to avoid those other non-attractive URL, choose Brand. It’s my little secret in case you don’t know.