FELORI is a web based software that securely administer all educational activities and make them easily accessible by anyone based on their defined roles and privileges.

It is built to manage learning and educational institutions; be it Colleges, Secondary and Primary Schools, Seminaries, Training Institutes, Professional Bodies etc

The features among many others include:

  • Teachers/Educators can upload students’ records which can be viewed by the students and monitored by their parents via their individual portal accounts. Reports can also be sent to parents’ email boxes/mobile phones (SMS).
  • It comes with a powerful internal messaging system which facilitates communication between all users of the system
  • It automates academic records e.g. class, grades, scores, continuous assessment and attendance with easy accessibility for the parents.
  • Online management of administrative task and activities; Human Resource; Transportation Management, Academic Progression, Accounting, Inventory etc.

We implore you to join our platform and take advantage of the opportunities and ease FELORI has to offer. Even if you have an existing website or portal, and intend to migrate, we could help with the migration process. And at your instance, both facilities could also run side by side.

The system is built with a very easy to use interface backed up by a support desk. www.felori.net/support We would also train a designated administrator and teachers on how the system works.

FELORI comes in two variant: The Core and Pro. FELORI Core is suitable for day schools, co-educational and professional bodies. The Pro package contains more features needed to administer boarding school, colleges and universities. Pricing is flexible and includes a one-time setup fee and yearly maintenance cost thereafter. Running cost may also include minimal charges for SMS messages. Please visit www.felori.net/pricing for the cost and modules available under each plan.

We know you want to be sure of what we are saying; please visit www.felori.net/demo and test drive the portal. You have the ability to login as an admin, teacher/employee, student and parent.