I want to share a piece, an event that occurred two years back. I was a member of an operations team in a bank. Our manager then decided to organise a team learning session to share ideas and learn. In the first session we had, she wanted us to equate football with a team.

This was my contribution.
Now I’m telling you just the way I said it with little modifications of course.

Football and working in a team
I’m not a football fan neither do I have a club I have special liking for. But I know a bit to be aware there is an eleven man team; comprising of

Those who score the goals fans are hungry for. The strength of a winning team depends to a large extent on its strikers. In a team, you may consider the guys who get things done as the strikers. You see, they are the ones who people see, praise and adore when a team is achieving. Call them the arrow heads, the super performers. they get the credits and most times the reward but they couldn’t have done it alone.

Defence Players
I liken them to the back end guys, those who take the brute of the job, the guys who do the dirty work that no one appreciate. A church scenario might explain it further; you don’t get to see the cleaners who make the church comfortable for you to sit in, don’t forget the traffic officer who parked you in, the usher standing for long hours watching to make sure the atmosphere is friendly for assimilation. No one sees these people, they are never celebrated like the preacher who speaks the word.

Mid fielders and Wingers
Have you ever found yourself having to perform some ad hoc role, special assignment, temporarily handling a job function all in a bid to ensure things work smoothly. Rather still, you might just be that person who the leader can count on for support and assistance when its needed most. Think about it, if you were in a football team, you’d likely be a right or left winger making those essential passes that ignite victory on the football field.

Don’t forget the fans

Playing a football does not just involve 11 players. Let’s say its a unhidden concept in football that that beating a team on their home soil is tougher than anywhere else. Why!!! the fans. someone who does not play an active role in the team, might not even belong there,  a complete outsider but once in a while throws in that baton of encouragement, says a few nice words, defends the team in their absence, follows on social media, joins in the celebration and many other stuffs. If you have been neglecting this essential part of your team, methinks its time to see them in the light of a football lens

Wrapping it up

I guess by now, you would be wondering if this is the anatomy of every team or organisation. I’ll leave you to answer that, but this is what I feel. Everyone is important, inclusive of the less important and not important.

I actually gave more points than is written here and which bothers on some specific roles by individual team members. Let’s save that for another day shall we.