If you have been using the Gmail app to access your Microsoft Exchange work or Office365 email, then all of a sudden, Gmail could no longer connect and keeps asking for your password.

You sign-in again and again, entering your credentials and was very sure your password is the same. Its no fault of yours, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with your password or account.

This might be the issue:

You have enabled two-factor authentication on your account or it was turned on by your organization.

You might want to ask, I have been accessing this email prior before now. Yes, apparently the device was a trusted device until now, Microsoft needs you to re-authenticate.

The solution is not to turn-off the two factor authentication. Why, because its good and it secures your account.

In a typical sign-in within the Two-factor authentication mechanism, you are meant to produce 2 layers of token.

  1. Your password
  2. Next your app token – which ideally should be sent to you after competing step 1.

However the Gmail app or any other external app you are using is incapable of requesting for the second authentication. So your sign-in process is incomplete.

But here is the solution.

Login to to your Office account, via Office.com. on the web

On the top right corner of the page, click the your profile icon or name initials, click My account on the corresponding dropdown.

Click on Security and Privacy

Additional Security Verification

Create and manage app passwords

Generate a new password and use that password in instead of your account password in the Gmail sign-in app.

Hooray, and that should be it.

Tell me if it works in the comments.