If for whatever reasons you do not have a PDF copy of your Remita Receipt and you need to retrieve it. No need to panic, you can easily regain it from the Remita website.

Here is how. First what is Remita.

Remita is a payment platform developed by Systemspecs. Remember Systemspecs, they gained popularity by being the main solutions provider for the Federal Government Treasury Single Account initiative.

The Remita platform is commonly used by Government parastatals, agencies, ministries, Schools, Universities and more for fees payments. Institutions like the Federal Inland Revenue Services, Nigerian Immigration, Federal Road Safety Corps, Universities of Lagos and more use the Remita platform.

So if you have made a payment online and need a copy of the receipt to tender. Here are the few steps to go about it.

  1. First step is to locate your 12 digit Reference number and the exact amount debited. Remember the amount debited does include the Remita charge. Below is where to find the reference number.

To get the reference number is easy. Now if you make payment online via Card or Internet banking, the payment debit narration will contain the 12 digit number

Now that you have the 12 digits number.

  1. Head over to the Remita website


  1. Click on Do More

  1. On the next page click Resend Receipt or Invoice

You will be directed to this link


You can actually skip step 2 to 4 and visit the URL directly.

  1. Input your RRR number – The 12 digits number identified earlier
  2. Select the option : Resend to Alternate Email

A field requesting for your email will drop down below

A field requesting for your phone number will drop down below

A field requesting for the amount paid will drop down below. Remember it has to be the total amount debited inclusive of the Remita charge.

At this stage the Next Button changes to Send Receipt

Voila, you are done. Your receipt should be on its way to your email as an attachment.

I hope this helps someone out there.