The World is gradually becoming a global village. ICT as a skill is not only a necessity but a pre-requisite for Nigerian students seeking to compete against their peers in the new dispensation. It is our aim to espouse the knowledge of ICT as a skill and also create the foundation that will serve as the catalyst for students who have chosen specialised fields of ICT as their career path.  

What we do: Specialised Training

On-hands practical training delivered by capable tutors in the given field. Different modules, applications and field of knowledge abound in ICT; definitely a single tutor will be unable to master all fields adequately to coach and deliver in the context of a proper learning curve. We ensure square pegs in square holes when it comes to learning. Our approach to training is to ensure pupils not only have a background knowledge of what they are been taught but have also passed through the practical demonstration of what it entails.

Tools and Learning Aids Deployment

Our aim is not just to deliver knowledge; it’s also to build skills. We provide all necessary equipments and aids to achieve this aim. Computers, Networking Equipments, Internet Facilities and other necessary tools are what we provide in-order to enhance learning. We undertake Configuration, installation, maintenance and deployment of e-learning systems whenever they are required as part of our responsibility.

School MIS

Our package to drive ICT compliance in the school processes and operations. This involves creation of an online portal accessible by students, teachers, parents and school administrators for real-time online monitoring and dissemination of school information, grades, fees, class structure etc. Further information can be gotten on the Felori website: www.felori.net The School MIS is an added package at no additional cost i.e Free


Our school already employed a computer teacher.

Yes, this is necessary to fulfill regulatory requirement and teach the contents of the syllabus. However no single person is an epitome of knowledge. We make use of instructors specialised in different areas of ICT to ensure pupils know more than the rudiments.

What are the requirements?

What we need from your school is simple and basic

  1. An enabling environment i.e. a Computer class permanent and not to be used for other curricular activities.
  2. Furniture i.e. Computer Tables, comfortable chairs; Well ventilated windows if there is no air-conditioning system in place, electrical and lighting.
  3. Teaching periods for ICT to be inculcated into the school timetable. Exact time and days will be agreed with the school.
  4. Any other miscellaneous assistance as may be needed from time to time.

What we will provide:

  1. As depicted in our services above. We will provide the tools and equipments, i.e. Computers etc.
  2. Tutors

Our school already have computers

Good, we will make good use of them and perform upgrading and maintenance services when necessary.  

Do I still need to employ a Computer Teacher?

The school can outsource its normal Computer teaching classes to us if it so wishes under a separate arrangement.

What is the Pricing Arrangement?

We charge per pupil for each term billable on the school.


It’s quite easy in a few steps below:

  • Contact us by email or phone call – Or get in touch via the Contact Page
  • Our representative visits your school for preliminary discussion.
  • Your facilities are accessed to ensure your readiness and preparedness.
  • We agree on the start period and timing for teaching.
  • Your school is approved
  • We deploy all other necessary aids
  • Training commences