If you run a blog or an article based website, then you write because you want people to read.. You probably are the chief editor and maybe a few friends to support you.
Before we continue, please don’t judge me, I’m not a blogger, I only write to assist my friends; friends like you. So do what I say, don’t do what I do.
Back to you! You have blog, a couple of readers but some few problems like the ones I listed below.
• Your blog is not being updated regularly
• You are running out of ideas on topics
• It seems your articles are not connecting with your readers
• Finally; you are not getting the kind of popularity and followers you envisaged

Why getting paid editors is not a bad idea.

I’m not insisting you pay someone to write but if paying will ginger the right person to contribute his/her skills and put more effort on your behalf, I suggest you go for it. Quality sometimes comes at a cost, what you get in return is a rich article that your blog readers will like.

How to choose the right author

This is the trickiest part; a few of my guidelines are:
1. Engage people who are professional in their niche. You wouldn’t choose Fela Durotoye to write on criminality & security.
2. The niche should be relevant to your blog and readers.
3. Your professional author must be able to present the article in a way that connects with a wide spectrum of readers. If otherwise, please ditch it.

Other ways of paying back your authors

Well; you don’t have to pay your authors in cash or kind. Why not follow the Ezinearticle method, “Write for us and get a link back plus popularity” It’s a fair exchange.
Or rather still, your authors can write in a way as to sensitize readers and indirectly advertise their own services. Personally I can be very good at that.

Let your Authors campaign for you

How? When your authors write on your blog or site, encourage them to share their articles from your blog on their social media page. They get the credits and popularity while your site gets the readership.

Can I recommend some good author and content writers?

Yeah, just a few; I know the person who drives Tessy Nkennor Blog, he knows how to write. Debby write beautiful stories that you won’t stop reading till you get to the end. What about me; I just told you I’m not a blogger though a man of many parts but you can check my profile here or rather still here; I have some nice articles to show you.