Many things should come to mind when people ask that question. I need a website. And almost simultaneously; how do I get one. Be it an organization, individual, religious body, NGO, committee of friends, etc. Setting up a website could be as simple as writing ABC and it could be as complex as building a skyscraper. Now, I won’t be taking you on a 101 lesson or tutorial on website engineering and configuration.Need a website

I’ll try to lay it bare and simple. The word website simply means having a webpage on the net. And before you ask me, a webpage is any document view-able by anyone through the internet. Shikena.

You will notice my definition avoided WWW, .COM, .NG Domain name, Webhosting and all those terminologies that exert more usage of the brain.

There is actually no long and short end of the story, it all depends on which version you choose to read. So lets go ahead and get a website. I’ll advise you read and cram my definition above. So yours sincerely wants to be accessible on the web which means you need to have pages that people around the world can view, isn’t it

So the first question, what do you have to put on the web. Whatever it is; I’ll expose some mediums of achieving that and then its left to you to decide.

The Social Media Option: Yes you heard me; having a Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in page is akin to having a website. For any antagonist out there, I’ll refer you again to my definition.

Blog: If you are the type who likes to write for people to read. Then you might just create a blog. A blog is a popular and presents the easiest medium of creating your online presence. And there are so many platform; Blogger is popular and cheap, best of all its owned by Google, there are other platforms of which I will readily recommend WordPress.

The first two options I outlined above require no knowledge of codes, HTML or any programming language whatsoever. Same goes for the numerous website builder packages available online too. This are WYSIWYG – What You See Is What You Get. Godaddy, Wix, Yahoo and to mention a few have this options. Just sign-up, pick from one of the ready-made templates, customized the colour, wordings etc and you are done.

I have decided to maintain a simple tone because I intend to write for beginners and web dummies – apologies in advance should you not like the name. But really I was once in that stage.

You will agree with me that simple tasks only require simple efforts. You wouldn’t power a company site requiring complex functionalities on the platforms I just espoused. Believe me; the journey in the long run might not be enjoyable. There are varying degrees of limitations.

To be on the safe side, why not ask us for a free quote. Cos it pays to do it right the first time.