I went down memory lane recollecting my encounter with Pc users. 4 out of 10 PC owners had their windows explorer crashing at one point or the other.70% of this lot had reformatted their operating system and were lucky to recover their files, the remaining 30% simply lost theirs.
The feeling
Remember how you felt if you fall among the last 30%, now picture yourself if you were in the 70% category awaiting the verdict if your files could be recovered or not. If you neither fall in this category, simply imagine how your heartbeat rate would have been putting yourself in their shoes.
No not me or again
Truth is nobody wants to experience such. The attendant loss of precious files and the extended fustration cannot be readily quantified. Worse still for users having files with very vital informations.
The root cause
A little preamble: the major culprits for your malfunctioning windows are viruses, malicious programs and softwares. So many of us have naughty habits, we download any software available; if you are not doing so chances are a relative or friend is doing so for you. Some of this programs more especially more especially freeware or pirated gaming softwares have been embedded with malicious codes.
The other set of users do not have antivirus while some who do not regulate them. Please be informed that an outdated antivirus[Free or paid for] is as good as dog without teeth.
Come to think of it, some set of people install the viruses themselves; my group of software downloaders are usually guilty of this.
Prevention is better than cure
So how do we avoid all the messy details above. You cant close-circuit your PC and make it an island but you sure can minimise the risk. Virus or whatever malicious program need to be installed before they can work.That is what we need to prevent. Here’s how; Stop using your administrator account. By default your initial user account is an administrator. 
Take my advice, create a limited account and use that for your daily PC operation. As you will discover, a limited user cannot install and so that reducesinstallation capabilities for any unwanted program tht gain access to your PC from a limited user environment.
Assuming you got that, secondly I still have to tell you; get an antivirus. Free or paid, update it at regular intervals. With this few guidelines amongst many others, I believe we are on our way to a safer PC expereince.
Do you have an experience re your PC, you may want to share how it was resolved. Treena.