Do you have talented students that can write a book?
If you have not heard of Bookateria, then you are not only missing something, you are also denying some of your students the opportunity to excel.
The guys running Bilsmore Joarth have just launched something of interest for Nigerians. An e-book site.

A little Preamble

You have this child who loves to write, probably he/she dreams of becoming an author and fantasize being popular, or can even weave out amazing stories to the admiration of an audience.
Now all this while the available audience is just the family and maybe friends. Most times your child needs more than that to be a star. And what if the child can write but the writing and skills need to be polished. Somehow, it’s not the responsibility of the tutors to make a fine author out your child.
What about getting if out for the world to see what this young adult can do. Publishing to the right format, displaying it where it can be accessed and much more.


The guys in Bilsmore Joarth have just launched something of interest for Nigerians. An e-book site.
You write your stories, they help you publish it to the format get you an ISBN number, design the cover, review your book and put it on display for the whole world to see.
And best of all, they give the highest payout; you earn 70% of total earnings that is if you have decided not to give out your book for free.
I’m sure you want to get started, if not for you but for the other person. It’s super easy. Just hit the link below and you might not tell me how it works.

Start publishing online

Most of the times, Zion peers at the computer screen, tweaking codes, analysing and calculating figures, manipulating the screen and digging deep into the World Wide Web. A combination of many different things in one thing. You don’t have to bother understanding that.