If you are a StanbicIBTC customer and you are yet to access the Internet Banking platform then you are missing something. Last week I received a text informing me of a scheduled system upgrade which would affect usage of its Internet Banking portal. What came to my mind was ‘Just another maintenance routine with no noticeable changes’

But I got the wow experience yesterday. I logged in. And I’m so sure so many others would have felt the same. It was a completely new look, new interface, better interactiveness, easily accessible details, more intuitiveness and I could just keep going. Really you need to try the new portal to agree I’m not exaggerating. Stanbic Bank just took a clear depature from the old ways.

I have always been critical of processes because I love to make comparisons.I bank with GTbank and if you do too, then you are aware why I never liked using StanbicIBTC internet banking except for the fact that ‘Charges on other bank transfer is lesser compared to GTB. A few issues I faced on on the former StanbicIBTC portal.

Mobile responsiveness was low -the portal was not fully enhanced to display properly on mobile devices.

Information retrieval was herculean- I find getting information via previous alerts than checking via the portal.

Visiting so many tabs when concluding a transaction and waiting for the pages to keep loading made things really complicated.

The ‘Password Retrieval’ function in my opinion virtually does not exist.

OTP token sometimes could take forever to deliver.

And an unrelated point, Stanbic Mobile app is another bureaucratic setup on its own

I’d be prudent enough not to add more to that list. But the good news is that the first three points have been fully resolved in the new upgrade. I really wish I could show you my dashboard without displaying my details.surpassed my favourite GTbank dashboard.

But here are my challenges:

A new feature of logging in via OTP was added, quite scary was the knowledge that if the OTP token doesn’t get delivered to my phone. I can’t login. I’m wondering; why this added security when effecting transactions still involve the use of OTP.

There was the option of inputting your beneficiaries mobile number or email for transaction notification. It never worked for both options when I tried it.

Email alerts still behaves like Power Holding[PHCN] – In my own case, I dont rely on it.
SMS alerts does not arrive immediately but its working.

I want to believe Stanbic is really moving forward. The new Internet Banking portal is a step in the right direction. I was so excited that I drank a toast to it.
If you have just accessed the portal, I’d like to know what you feel about it.