What does it take to be exceptional in a group of 100 or more with each having the same aspiration as you? I will tell you how, but first, let’s start with the preamble. We all want to be the best, standout from the crowd a few slogan tell us: either the best or nothing. Reach the top, Come first, Achieve greatness, Reach out for the skies, and so on. Remember my first question. Good!.

I’ll tell you a story; I had a friend, he has a school, a small school anyway. One day I was with him; and a parent came complaining with her child; how come my son did not came first, I taught him very well after school, he never miss his homework and the ranting continued. To cap it all, she wanted the child to be in the first position. Well my friend had no choice than to acquiesce to her request. So how did he do it? Pretty simple; two kids shard the first position. Smart isn’t it.

You see, if I tell you to apply the method above, then you may stop reading this article. So let’s talk starting with your fingers. You know the saying; all fingers are not equal. Does it mean one finger has to be the longest and the another has to be the shortest. I’ll answer your question.

Your thumb is the thickest and helps hold the other fingers to ensure a firm grip

The pointer finger gives direction and signal.

The middle finger that comes first among all only comes first and that is all.

The ring finger shines during celebration and special occasions like weddings

And as for the little finger, it’s the best support; you try and discard of it and see if the others can work perfectly.

Literally the middle finger is the tallest among all, but that does not make it exceptional.How to be exceptional

Same goes for your group. Everyone is unique, every single person is extremely important but only one person can be the first. Being the first is a definition of indices, a statistical comparison. I support the fact that there has to be laid down measures of rating performance, hardwork and effort. I also believe that no method of statistical comparison can perfectly measure the indiscrete values contained in each individual.

Here is my advice, its good to aim for the top but being exceptional is another. And if the charts recognize you. Hurray, and if they don’t then you have nothing to lose.

Cos, 1, 2, 3 , 4 are just a representation of figures and human calculation, you have much more than that.

Does anyone have a better opinion, I’m sure you do. Lets hear it.