We all do business. Now imagine this conversation.

Man 1: Hello there, please borrow me a thousand bucks. My ATM card is expired, and it’s a weekend, I cant get the bank to issue me a new one.

Man 2: Here you are [Gives him the cash]

As far as the rule is concerned, a transaction has taken place although no profit motive. Drilling down further, two things are implied, there is an obligation and a promise to refund as soon as the bank opens.

What happens if after a week gone past and man 2 is yet to collect his money nor did he get a feedback from man 1. Hey !! wait, before you judge, please check yourself. 6 out of 10 people are actually guilty of the crime above.

Let’s look at the many reasons given by man 2

  • I forgot.
  • The bank is yet to issue a new card
  • An emergency came up so I diverted the money
  • The amount is so small, I thought you’d leave it.
  • Look, I’ve been busy I’ll give you the money when I have the time.
  • Forget it; there is no need to pay back.

Trust me, human beings are diverse, for every Man 2 you meet, be sure new reasons apart form the one above will prop up.

Well you might want to quote Robert Kiyosaki in his book: “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” he advise you owe and pay your creditors last. I’m not an investment guru neither I’m I a financial analyst, I only believe in the simple law ‘He who gives should receive’

Trust is key and when lost comes with a lot of consequences. Countries like Nigeria have been blacklisted by international payment systems because of the high incidence of fraud perpetrated from their shores. Getting credit even locally comes only after completing a myriad of documentations, why because the creditor can no longer hold on to mere words.

The new rule of borrowing amongst individuals is ‘Give only what you can afford to loose’ why because every borrower is a potential Man 1 who will come back with stories be it family or friend.

The Verdict

There are so many man 2 out there, they are the banks, the payment systems, your friends, close relations, investors etc. Ordinarily they wont raise a helping hands without collateral or tying something down because when its time to receive, all they most likely hear is the ramblings from Man 1

What do you think, lets make a change. Rule #1 – Collect and return, owe no man.