First of all, introduction; What is Ubuntu: It is an Operating system, the same like your Windows XP, Windows 7, and whatever of Microsoft OS you are currently using.

Its important we digress a bit. An operating system is a software or program installed on your PC which connects your hardware, peripherals and manages other software or programs. You know what that means, No OS, no PC. Now not all computers need an OS to function e.g your TV, radio, Microwave etc do not need a OS to operate. So that gives you a better idea of what I mean.

Back to Ubuntu; all over the world, Windows from Microsoft is popular but its also proprietary. You pay to make use of it. And that what makes Ubuntu interesting.Ubuntu Os for Nigerians

Ubuntu is free, fast , reliable and Opensource. It is sponsored by the Canonical foundation. It is a free and open-source Operating system. You know what that means, free to download, free upgrades, no fear of owning a pirated copy, free to use and all other goodies that come with freedom.

One more goody, So many programs on Ubuntu are free. Unbelievable but true. I’ll like to emphasize free. Free in the sense that you do not have to start looking for a pirated copy because you dont want to pay for the software; like you all do on Windows Os powered software. Did I hear someone grunting. Pirated software have eaten into the ethical fabric of many Nigerians. From removing patch to installing Keygens, to replicating Keys. Want to try it out; simply visit Otigba market in Ikeja, the popular computer village.

Well the goodnews is that you can save yourself the nightmare and manage your PC with your ethical conscience intact. That is if installing pirated software looks like a sin to you. Switch to Ubuntu, get your exact replica of Ms Office i.e. LibreOffice, Mozilla, Chromebook, Gimp and much more from the Ubuntu Software Centre.

Making a switch can be difficult, not to worry, you can install Ubuntu on your existing Windows OS in order to have a practical feel before making the feel. Or do it my way, I partitioned my hard drive and installed Ubuntu alongside Windows. Or rather still, to show your disgust of Windows. Install Ubuntu all the way. Whichever makes you feel better.

Don’t ask me about anti-virus, we in the Ubuntu community are not aware of it. LOL. Sure you’d say I’m a joker but the truth is your common virus do not exist on Ubuntu, Why, because they can only exist to hibernate, practically your windows virus cannot install or stay active on an Ubuntu environment.

I use Ubuntu, I support the Canonical Foundation. Join me and lets say thumbs up.

What to know more about Ubuntu. Then click here. Feel like downloading it right away. Why not. Click to download.

More views are expected from both experienced and new users.