Here is a chance to get paid for doing something of learning and fun. This contest is open to everyone excluding the book author, relations, friends and family of the author.

A spirited individual in collaboration with has thrown an incentive for lovers of poetry.


Up to 10 eligible winners are expected.
Submission end date: 25th August 2014


You read the book: Commoner’s Speech by Ojo Tisa

Its a collection of poems[To see more of the description, please visit the book page]

How to contest

  • Download a copy of the book on
  • Read the book
  • Choose your favourite from the collections of poems in the book
  • Answer your challenge and input it on the Reviews Section of the book page.

Answering the Challenge:

  1. State the title of your poem
  2. Identify the mood of the speaker and analyse it
  3. Discover the state or condition that warrants the poem
  4. What kind of feeling does the speaker intends to invoke
  5. Interpret the poem in your own words with examples if possible.

More Info:
Remember, how you convey your ideas and your choice of words matters a lot.
Additional points will be given to how the contestant is able to blend interpretation and imagery.
Making references to the specific words or stanza is not only encouraged but also deemed necessary.

Notes & Guidelines

  • Ensure you entered your real names when registering to download the book.
  • The winner will be communicated via email and announced on the Bookateria .net website.
  • Payment will be made only to a bank account in Nigeria. Minors or participants under the age of 18 years will be allowed to nominate a beneficiary bank account for remission of payment.

For any inquiries, please drop your comments on the challenge page here. Please do not clog our contact box with messages in respect of this challenge. We will respond to every inquiries on the comment page of the challenge on Bookateria

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