I had a friend; he was using MS Office 2010, very essential software you will call it. If you will agree with me, 85% of PC users do have a word editing application on their PC. Coming to Nigeria, Most PC users use Windows; whatever version and that means that by right; should have MS Office.

Now this post is not about MS Office by Microsoft Word, its actually for every software, product service that falls within the similar category: Or rather still within these guidelines:

  • Is an essential software, service or product to you
  • Require support
  • Downtime in the performance will have an impact on your business or activity

Now we have our guidelines; imagine yourself running a printing press and the most important piece of software you need is something as simple as Microsoft Word, what happens when the same software goes awry. Your business performance is eroded isn’t it. Good what if you were a retailer who sells online; your eCommerce store is definitely the limiting factor to the success of your thriving sales.

Here is another approach, you expect the bank you do transactions with to answer your questions and respond to issues not because it is your right but for the reason that you are a customer. Same applies to the car workshop and electronic store where you purchased that plasma TV or sedan of yours. Wouldn’t be situation be different if the TV or car was not purchased form there even though you use the same model and make of what they sell.

The import of my sermon is this; a user is not a customer. A user avails him or herself of the use of the product or service, however that does not entitle him to certain rights and privileges cos he’s not a customer.

I’ll leave the rest to you, whichever is your take; you want to be a user or a customer?