Another learning article for our user based clients; but in reality very essential to any WordPress newbie out there. Updating your WordPress website is anything but a daunting task.

In this article; I will be explaining the basic means of accomplishing that.

Pages and Post:

First thing you see after logging into your WordPress site is the dashboard; Now if I were you I will take particular attention to the two navigation menu noted below:

Page & Post

Your page is somewhat static and serve a specific purpose; which means you can update the content of your page but you do not go ahead and forming the habit of creating more pages for just any reason.

Examples of contents based on pages are your “About Us” “Who We Are” “Pricing” ” Contact Us” “Home” and whatever nomenclature you could form.

Creating a page is simple; Its the same process you follow when you create a post, however you wont see the option to select a category neither is it necessary for a page to have a featured image except you insist; but really why would anyone do that.

Or preferably, watch this video to use the Visual Builder which makes live much more easier.



After creating a page, you might want to make it visible on your menu page just like in the screenshot below, I’ll advise you read through this article on getting that done. Its quite easy believe me.

Menu Page

Now that you can create a page, lets head over to creating a post.

First the preamble!

You can liken the post to the food your website visitors feed upon. You can edit your post, create new posts on existing one and much more. Imagine being a newscaster, the daily gist you churn out are post. All you need do is to keep creating or writing. To get started, please read this article; the one I referred to you earlier.