I’m sure this write-up will not cover adequately the reason it was written neither do I promise to answer all questions you the reader intend or has already asked.

However you will realize something; the key to unlocking other puzzles and a stepping ground to covering other areas.

What is your view

IT or ICT is wide, so wide that geeks like me still see themselves as amateurs. Whatever comes up in your mind whenever the word IT is used is a matter of perspective. Remember the story of the 7 blind men who wanted to discover how an elephant is like, at the end of the story, even though they all had different descriptions. The plain truth is that they were all correct.

The lesson is this; since knowing everything is impossible then you have no choice than to assume in general based on the little you already know.

Where do you start from

If you were to step into the ocean, you wouldn’t start from the deepest part rather you proceed from the shallow edge and advance gradually. Take a cue from your favourite football team; if you were to play two games – home and away, wouldn’t it be best to have the first leg at home win and afterwards muster enough determination to subdue the opponent on their own turf.

My Candid Advice

When you want to venture into the world of IT, it best to start from your home soil. And what could that be: your comfort zone, your present business, your current activity. Whatever industry you are: You can delve into IT from there. And if you are still thinking how! Why not get in touch with me and say “Hi Zion, this is what I do, how do I go ahead about it, I really wont charge you more than the prize of Pizza to crack my brains for you.