Here are just a few thing to get started. Well you could do it the real way or try the simple and fast way.

You need a reseller hosting account with a well established hosting provider, a dedicated domain of your own, WHMCS to handle clients Cpanel account and off-course a billing system integrated with your WHMCS account to handle payments. And that’s really simple.

Let me start by saying, if you run a full-fledged Web design agency with countless number of clients, it’s a good idea offering web-hosting as part of the package. It simply create another income stream for you and most of all, keeps your customers with fair arm’s length.

There is a downside to it however, you will be bugged with support, and this could be worse-off if you make the mistake of pitching tent with the wrong hosting provider. Professionally, if you cannot handle support especially in terms of handling customer complaints adequately, I do not recommend taking responsibility for this.

An ethical thing to also know is this: Be transparent; if a prospective client had approach you to develop a website; it’s as well important to give the client a list of option and hosting providers. Usually this happens at the commencement stage. Yes Mr A wants a website, that’s all he knows, it is your duty to tell Mr A that creating a website entails three steps: Getting a domain which is his unique URL on the web, having a webhost where his files will be placed and then You who put all the pieces together.

Now you have registered with a Webhost as a reseller account, quite a few I can mention: Godaddy, Sitepoint, Hawkhost. Basically all webhosting companies offering reseller packages include industry standard Cpanel which will be made available to your own clients as well. What you should be concerned with is the reliability of their platform and downtime.

Domain: You will most likely purchase your domain as part of the Reseller package.

WHMCS: This is the industry billing solution that handles clients’ on-boarding, registration, allocation of hosting space and other peripherals. I can’t see you running a hosting business without WHMCS. Usually the licence could come packaged along with your Reseller account, this depends on your Webhost. Some do offer WHMCS licensing as part of the package.

Payment Solution: Luckily for Nigeria resellers, Yes there are quite a few payment integration that works with WHMCS to handle receiving card payments. Notable ones include GTpay, Cashenvoy and I’m still waiting for Paystack to join the fray. Just check them out on the WHMCS marketplace.

Ready to start, almost but not yet; you see you need your own website too. So either you code yours or head over to the various framework stores and pick one that suits you. WordPress for instance as themes that are WHMCS integration ready.

And don’t forgot to ensure your site runs on HTTPS. Very important if you want Google to be friendly with you. Not just that People won’t trust you either if the green padlock does not show on your site URL