Ever thought of sending to your client a link to effect payment either via Card, USSD or Bank transfer. Or rather you want an easy way of advising your clients to pay on your Invoices. What about a unique page for you to receive money easily. Paystack has a good solution.

Paystack is a Payment Service company enabling digital payments across Nigeria and Africa in extension. The easy sign-up process, no-fee entry, multiple payment options and innovative medium of collection as endeared it to thousands of Businesses[SMEs and large corporate organisations]

A similar Payment Service company is Ravepay by Flutterwave. Here is how to setup a URL payment link on Ravepay.

  • First step is to login to your Paystack account. Navigate to the leftside of your Dashboard.
  • Locate the Menu link Payment Pages and click.

  • On the corresponding page, click New Page to create a payment link. This page will also display your existing payment links/pages.

You are presented with a series of options:

  • One Time Payment – For accepting payment once from your clients.
  • Subscription Payment – IF you want your client to setup a Direct Debit with you
  • Product Payment – Here you can use Paytack has your ecommerce shop allowing for easy payment of goods
  • For this tutorial, we will choose the One-time Payment page.

The next form request you to enter details of your new page. Name, Description and Image[Preferably your Business logo]

  • If you only want to receive a specific amount from your client, then tick this option, otherwise skip it.
  • Next tick the Advanced Options

This is short guide for each field.

  • Use your custom link: Enter a unique name synonymous with your business eg Trippmart
  • Redirect after payment: A webpage to redirect to after a successful payment – Leave blank if not necessary
  • Success Message: A message to display after a successful payment. You may also leave blank.
  • Send Notifications to: An email to send payment notification to – If left blank, notifications will go to your account email.
  • Split payment with a sub account: This feature allows you to share the payment amount received with another sub-account.
  • Extra Information: Use this to collect additional information from the paying customer eg Invoice ID
  • Click the Create button and your page will be displayed in the existing pages section.
  • Click the View Page link to open your payment link. The page will be displayed in Customer view mode.

Copy the URL from your browser URL section and share to your clients. Ideally this will be the Paystack URL/Pay/The unique link name you input earlier. See my example below.

And that is it. You can share the Page wherever to receive inflows or include it in your Invoice documents.